Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde, in Costa Rica's Puntarenas province, is about a three hour-drive from La Fortuna. Located in a mountainous region, the city is known for its Cloud Forest Reserve. Cloud Forest, or bosque nuboso, is a biodiverse forest under a consistent canopy of clouds. The constant cover promotes large amounts of vegetation. This was the second stop in our Costa Rican vacation, specifically for round two of zip-lining.

The drive up to our hostel was beautiful and terrifying at the same time. We lost sunlight on our way up the mountain, and while my brother loved driving the 4x4 up the graveled inclines, I was trying not to look down my window as I was cliffside. I just focused on the moonlight shining through the clouds we drove through.

With only one night in the area, we decided to dump our bags in our hostel room and venture out. Sadly, there wasn't much near where we were staying, maybe because it was a Tuesday. We did run into one club that had a few stragglers enjoying beer and swaying to Top 40. Satisfied with the stroll itself, we turned back around. 

The next morning, we set out for our zip-lining tour, excited for the chance to see some wildlife, especially sloth! We were a bit disappointed when that didn't happen, and I think after our first tour this one seemed not as adventurous and exciting. The lines were shorter and not as high up. The scenery was beautiful though - we were surrounded by lush green leaves.     

The highlight was definitely the Superman line we opted for. It was at the end of the tour, so we could get into a full on body harness. Basically, we were strapped to lines in a horizontal position so it felt like we were flying.  

Post zip-lining, our tour guide dropped us back at our hostel, where we picked up our bags and made our way to city number three: Jaco.